Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mississippi Mud in Your Eye

Mississippi Mud in Your Eye, oil, 48" x 72" (Artist: D.J. Stone)

 A bird’s eye view from the banks of eastern Arkansas, this area was once heavily populated by Native Americans. Today, The Delta is home to a large African American population. In native traditions the heron was regarded as a symbol of wisdom. In Africa it is regarded as sacred and is thought to communicate directly to the gods. My earthly palette and confident strokes on the AR side of this composition signify the people who live and work close to the ground where life is very real. The water serves as an interstitial area with strokes changing direction, and to the left of the water the urban sprawl of Memphis seems hidden under a mysterious and ethereal mist. What is most recognizable is the Egyptian-inspired pyramid motif with the signal light shining red on top like the eye of God. Opportunities can seem inconceivable to those looking through a blanket of fog and who are mired in a cycle of despair. There is a silver lining in the real life story, however, because scores of children from the Delta have been given opportunities through the Delta Arts collaborations with Memphis arts programs and have made giant leaps into professional careers doing what they love.

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  1. Jeannie!
    I JUST found this...LOVE IT❗️ Keep up the great work!