Thursday, August 15, 2019

Small Paintings, Colorful Contemporary Landscape Painting, Trees, Abstract Landscape, Tree, Daily Painter, “After The Fog Clears“ by Passionate Purposeful Painter Holly Hunter Berry

"After The Fog Clears" is what I think to myself at times when there is just too much going on and I need to slow down and maybe even stop for a moment. This painting was inspired by a scene in my neighborhood that I saw after the morning fog was slowing clearing out. I found myself restless as I stopped and waited to see a clearer view of my surroundings. I later realized that the view I experienced during the time spent waiting was beautiful in it's serenity and deserved to be captured. I tried to express the calm by using a narrow range of colors (wasn't easy as I LOVE to use LOTS of color!) . I need to remember that the slow, foggy chapters of my life story have a purpose and it is for my good no matter how unclear at the time. Maybe painting this scene will help me remember? What has your experience been as you waited for the fog to clear in your life? This photo shows it hanging as it comes, in a light brown wooden frame. It is hanging in a grouping of several of my other small paintings available online as well.

8"x8"x1/8" Mixed Media on Panel-Framed/Available


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