Saturday, November 19, 2016

Contemporary Abstract Mixed Media Painting "CORTONA MEMORY" by Intuitive Artist Joan Fullerton

As I pushed the paint around with no destination in mind, I began to see images of a hill and Cyprus Trees. The emerging shapes reminded me of Cortona, Italy. (I will be teaching there this May.) The warm reddish rust color hinted of rooftops and the warm patina of the ancient city. A pattern of rectangles implied the narrow cobblestone streets, and the quiet shape on the right of the hill could easily represent Santa Margherita Church. My fondness for this Tuscan venue came to life with each brushstroke. 

When turned the photo 180 degrees....I liked it even was still Cortona, but at night...the road to the top of the hill had the Cyprus Trees flanking it, the wall around the city was grey and pronounced, and the light at the bottom of the composition seemed to lift the hill higher! 

   30"x40"  Acrylic on CANVAS

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